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I take pride in the long term relationships I develop with each of my students and their families. Understanding the complexity of multifaceted interests, I work closely with each student to make sure they find their own ability to achieve both their educational and personal goals. I have a life long love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom and I bring this passion into all of my lessons, creating a stimulating learning environment that is highly personalized.

Thank you for not only being an amazing teacher, but also a serious mentor for my daughter. She benefits from your excellent teaching of math, chemistry, physics, and bio, and the sense of confidence that comes with that, but she also benefits from your excellent advice and counsel about being a working artist. I am so thankful that you have been in her/our life and I know you will always continue to be.

Thank you for helping my son to keep on track and knowing the kind of push he needs so that he has just the right type and amount of challenge. He also benefits from the relationship that you have with him and your ability to get his sense of humor.
— Rachel
My daughter just finished her last session with Chelsea for the year. She is amazing. We have never used a tutor before but I know they can’t all be the same - My daughter loved her time with Chelsea and aced her Algebra 2 exams all year and moved up to honors. Chelsea is a big part of that.
— Heather

Photo by Kevin Hagen for the Wall Street Journal July 15th 2019

Photo by Kevin Hagen for the Wall Street Journal July 15th 2019